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Tour: Lobsters & Lighthouses edit

Location: Murphy's Restaurant & Gift Shop

July 18, 2019 at 12:00pm (2 hours)

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About This Event

The Lobsters & Lighthouses Tour allows guests to experience life at sea by taking in the sights and sounds of the Atlantic coastline. Over countless generations, fishing and lobstering have been worked into the fiber of our lives on the East Coast, a history that we are all too proud to share with visitors to our Province. We’re home to some of the oldest, and still functioning lighthouses in North America, three of which stand fearlessly in the Halifax harbour: McNabs Island Lighthouse, Georges Island Lighthouse and Maugher Beach Lighthouse. This tour also includes informative, hands-on experiences which provide guests with an up close and personal understanding of marine life. Our crew will pull a real lobster trap from the Atlantic waters, demonstrate how it works, and allow guests to examine any captured sea creatures before our team send them back to their ocean homes. Guests will also be invited to observe and touch real marine life from our on-board marine touch tank and witness the spectacle when invited to feed seabirds.